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This...This is what I've been living my life for.

Seriously though, this is the most catchy and creative thing I've seen on Newgrounds since Spongebob Anime OP. Fantastic work! The music's on point, the performance was oddly expressive and very enjoyable, and the animationand art style just fit everything else so well! I do declare, "Lord mercy, this vid!" xD

Mr-Gosch responds:

Now that's high praise. Greatly appreciated, thank you.

I swear, if I hadn't known any better I'd have thought this was done by Disney or Pixar earlier on. Very professional, well-made, excellently narrated, and beautiful!

Pretty funny! Sound/audio quality could be improved along with the voice acting, but I enjoyed it overall! It did seem unnecessarily vulgar with the SFX at the beginning, though. It's already pretty clear that they're doing it, so it comes across as a bit much. If you feel you absolutely need sound for the title screen, maybe have the bed creaking.

braindog75 responds:

Thanks for your constructive feedback.
I appreciate it.

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Honestly, this seems like it has a lot of potential. There really are some cool ideas here. However, the poor grammar just really took me out of it. I found myself trying to figure out what was being said more than I was actually enjoying myself. Otherwise, it seems like it really could be a great game, someone just needs to edit the dialogue and grammar. So I'm gonna leave it with 3 stars in the hopes this issue is fixed in a later version. Keep up the good work. =)

NiobiuMmm responds:

Thank you :)

I've got to say, this one takes you for quite an emotional ride. It's very impressive. I will say that the game starts off slow, but it's very much by design. By going slow and lulling you into a boring routine, you get a feel for the kind of life and mentality your character experiences, which make the high notes of this game all the richer.
The only thing I'd say might improve the gameplay is not having that area outside and to the left of the apartment building. Since there's nothing to do there, it just seems to waste time. I'm not sure if that's intentional in this kind of game, but I thought I should point it out. Also, a faster running speed wouldn't hurt.
Still, those are the only minor notes I can give. This game does a great job of accomplishing what it sets out to do and I highly recommend giving this a shot.

P.S. Anyone who plays this should definitely wait for the credits to finish to see that last scene and get the full experience!

A well executed reimagining of a classic game! I highly recommend playing in first person (that's just me though).

JimGiant responds:

Thanks. I prefer 1st person too, most players seem to prefer 3rd person though.

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Wow! You have been blessed with a wonderful voice. The only things I'd say are to really watch your airflow, and be a bit more artistic with the piece. Breath support as I'm sure you're aware (Being a cantor) is crucial. This is a relatively difficult piece as it's slower and has some LONG phrases so you need to manage your air effectively and consistently with out taking breaths where there aren't rests, don't let your voice waver. As far as being artistic goes, try to put the raw emotion that this chant carries. Yes, it is sacred, but especially in that first line, try to convey the passion of Christ that he would've put into those words.

Phew. I did not mean for that to be so long. Really though, you have a truly beautiful voice and I say that with the utmost sincerity. Kudos for doing a chant like this, you don't see it on these sites very often at all. Keep training your voice and keep being awesome.

You sound really great but there's a lack of energy in your voice, you've got all the rhythms, pitches, dynamics (though a bit more dynamic contrast couldn't hurt), etc. down well. However, you have to remember this is James Bond, an exciting spy movie that carries a lot of energy and even intensity behind it, even in the softer places. Just really make sure you're feeling the meaning of the lyrics and the message of the music when singing and you'll be shocked at how much of a difference you'll see. Don't get me wrong, you sound phenomenal! But you have so much potential that you could tap into yet. Keep up the good work.

You have a really great voice and from what I can tell, this piece is a little low for you. Overall you did great, but (and pardon my saying this) in order to avoid being flat on some of the lower parts, don't be afraid to brighten your tone and really bring the sound forward in your mouth as though it was right behind your teeth. Otherwise, great job!

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LOL. I can tell you used the SS Link Figma for a model. Respect.

Rhunyc responds:

Haha, yeah, this is basically a photograph I took and then painted over it and painted the background, haha. :) It was a fun little exercise I thought I'd share with the interwebs. ^^

What can I say, it's Zelda, it's Indiana Jones, the only things missing are a popular anime character and a superhero. I love it!

It's Zelda so I automatically like it, but like most fan art, it's just a cool picture you know? I'd give it that last half of a star if it was more unique and complex. Still you're obviously very talented and I appreciate your beautiful contribution to the fan art of my favorite video game series (favorite media product at that). Keep up the good work! =)

Rhunyc responds:

Thanks a bunch for the honest review! I do appreciate it. :)

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